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January 14, 2010


Victor Brown

Interesting question. For decades I’ve been a strong proponent of process (my focus is IT) as a means of ensuring quality and consistency. My experience has been that good processes, driven by and managed by effective (meaningful) metrics, are the panacea for variations in skill and experience.

It’s also important, of course, to build checkpoints and feedback into the processes that enable and encourage innovation, and keep the metrics accurate and relevant. It can be a tricky balance between ensuring that processes are followed – presumably their value is that they are a prescription for a predictable and desirable outcome – and ensuring that they aren’t followed blindly.

Unfortunately, processes often do stifle and even punish “thinking”, particularly when they’re a substitute for management and leadership. So I suppose that, over time, in an environment driven by blind processes, the organization may lose its ability (motivation) to think!

Good piece, Michael. Thanks.



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