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December 04, 2009


The IT Skeptic

"Everything" eh?

Who will load everything? How will you audit everything? Who will keep everything current and accurate? How will you manually relate everything to logical entities such as system, service and SLA, and to non-IT objects such as person and place? And who will pay for all that?

What a glib, simplistic, naive and dangerous statement.

Michael Disabato

"Everything" is relative to the business requirements of the organization. Some "non-IT objects such as person and place" will be tracked for completeness, to show who is responsible for an asset and where it lies. There is indeed a cost associated with all this, and that cost must be weighed against the benefit derived from gathering and maintaining the information. Again, that will vary based on the organization.

Air Jordans

And remember Time is another river.

nike dunks

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