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August 11, 2009


Stefan Dreverman

Thanks for standing up and saying it out loud! Now lets hope it is being heard at Gartner.

Kevin Lee Smith

I agree 100%. I have been operating in this manner for many years also. I found it very interesting, not least because that is the EA approach I have been evangelizing for some time.

This approach is encapsulated in, and is a fundamental part of PeaF (Pragmatic ea Framework) that was launched last November. www.PragmaticEA.com

Joseph George

Interesting! Gartner talks about how EA was practised in the past, and contrasts those practices to how it should be in future. I don't know, how far back is past... But, I have been practising Architecture for the past 5yrs, and been involved in Architecture for the past 10yrs or so. I totally agree with Gartner's 7 approaches, but would also add that I have been practising this all along. Not doing so would lead to Architecture living in a Ivory Tower, and out of touch with ground realities! Any basic book on management could tell you this... You don't need to be an Architect to understand human dynamics or organisational behaviour.

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