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April 14, 2009


Loraine Lawson

Good points. FYI, I posted a link to this:

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EMR Software

Excellent post. Many thanks for sharing this informative resource. EMR is a rapidly growing concept and is a systematic collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations.


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I guess that would be worth rebelling against. I don't think my post makes Greek theater "dictate the whole of literature."

These are well-known, though perhaps not so well-understood, catagories of stories. Seems to me that the life of Jesus through Saturday night qualifies as a classic tragedy. Would you not agree? But Sunday morning transforms that tragedy into a comedy... the tables are turned, it all works out in the end, all's well that end's well! So, my intent was to highlight that little point of transformation. And as Jesus resurrection turns around His story, it will also turn around ours. That is what I tried to express.

Emr vendors

Ehealth of the greatest hurdles is overcoming misconceptions in the minds of regulators, doctors and patients alike. I just returned from a trip to Germany and colleagues there are amused about America's 3rd World-like medical records situation.

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